I love you so much…

How to find contact…

We are together yet we are apart.

We hear yet we don’t listen.

We yell yet we want to cry, or we cry yet we want to yell.

We look yet we are not aware.

We touch yet we are tired of feeling.

We want yet we are too scared to ask.

We want contact yet we don’t know how to reconnect.

We keep trying yet we get nowhere.

We have it all yet we have nothing.

We expect yet we don’t know how to accept.

I get it.

Valentines Day give the gift of reconnection. Get the support you both want yet don’t know where to go.

Go to therapy.

You are both worth it!

With love,

Adrienne xoxo

About the author : Ms Rich Existence

Adrienne (Ms Rich Existence) is a professor, researcher, entrepreneur, and gestalt psychotherapist/executive coach in private practice in the Niagara Region. She is completing a PhD. in Leadership & Policy looking to advance gestalt therapy theory with an evidence based research project that hopes to support the reduction stress levels of informal caregivers of the elderly. Adrienne specializes in supporting relationships- relationships with self, couples, families, and organizations (change management). Individuals, and/ or an organizations who would like support, please email Adrienne at arichxoxo@gmail.com.