Falling into fall…

Letting go of ones old self, is like the trees in the fall. We were once green, new to the season, we grew, we served a purpose- we were able to provided shade, and comfort from the heat of our lives. Now the temperatures are cooling. There is no need to take cover in that way anymore, we can let go of what once was, and still stand tall, and strong. We can learn to slowly except to stand a little more exposed everyday and feel not any less our true selves. We are looking to be a little lighter, and yet rooted in what is, by letting go of what was. Falling into fall, like falling into our true expression, allows us to endure the next harsh season, that is sure to come. Our process is like the seasons, done gradually, with compassion, a great expression of beauty can be seen, felt, and experienced. There is nothing to fear, it is just time, time to let go.

The leaves fall together, I am here to support your fall, I am here to support you, in this season of your life.

With a warm heart, in this cooler season,
Adrienne Sharma-Richardson

Falling into fall, with support.
Falling into fall, with support.

About the author : Ms Rich Existence

Adrienne (Ms Rich Existence) is a professor, researcher, entrepreneur, and gestalt psychotherapist/executive coach in private practice in the Niagara Region. She is completing a PhD. in Leadership & Policy looking to advance gestalt therapy theory with an evidence based research project that hopes to support the reduction stress levels of informal caregivers of the elderly. Adrienne specializes in supporting relationships- relationships with self, couples, families, and organizations (change management). Individuals, and/ or an organizations who would like support, please email Adrienne at arichxoxo@gmail.com.