Marriage Counselling & Individual therapy help for anxiety, depression, & ADHD with Adrienne
Be Authentic
Dedicated, creative, and passionate Executive Coach /Gestalt Psychotherapist.
As a Leadership & Policy PhD. Candidate I have researched psychological assessment measures, psychological health and safety in the workplace, diversity & inclusion, and work life balance.
 I have encountered both personally, and professionally issues with depression & anxiety, addictions, infertility, grief & loss through death and divorce, trauma, PTSD, and spirituality. I believe my life experiences give me a strong ability to offer support.
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In Niagara, you CAN find beauty in dark days. Gestalt therapy is about perspective, and being supported relationally for depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, anger management, ADHD, relationship healing, narcissism, parenting challenges, and more. Contact Adrienne for support...

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find beauty in dark days 

Acceptance brings Change

I am an active gestalt therapist/coach

bringing warmth, humour, energy, and passion to our work together.

I have a RADICAL respect for the uniqueness of people, and their ability

to excel beyond ones limits.

Through the creation of an environment of support, challenges can be met.

Through sensing the possibility of choice, a deeper exploration of your inner world may be more fully expressed in "this" world. Less rigidity, more flexibility, and success through heightening your true authentic expression

through awareness, and contact.

The Shift- from thinking to doing...

FROM "Fixing" you, or your "issues"

TO "Accepting" you, AND your "choices".

What will you choose next?

Be aware, make contact.

Gestalt Therapy (Beyond CBT)

 You have a choice in your life. Experiment with doing it differently, experiment with not doing it alone. Break the old patterns that have been holding you back through relationally working on awareness, and contact so that you may experience, an AUTHENTIC EXISTENCE, your authentic existence

I am Adrienne... I am that I am. AND I won't judge who you are!

Registered Gestalt Psychotherapist/Coach, Professor, Researcher PhD.Candidate in Leadership & Policy & Entrepreneur.